Thursday, October 20, 2011

Vir2ual Cage an expansive multi-media interpretation of John Cage’s Song Books

We have exciting plans for 2012, the Cage centennial year. Soon we’ll post information about upcoming performances, a symposium or two, and other events. Meanwhile, as we continue developing software to automatically generate renditions of Song Books, it occurs to us that one thing we could use more of is content with which to test it. Besides, with a little over a year left before our anticipated online premier in September 2012, it’s time to issue an official Call for Participation.
We hereby eagerly invite you—musicians, actors, dancers, writers, animators, and other artists (and even non-artists) in various media—to send us your recorded rendition(s) of one or more solos fromSong Books to incorporate into our archive from which performances will be generated and streamed from our web site. Since the archive will be searchable, it also will offer a research or educational tool that will enable, for example, comparing different renditions of the same solo

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